Quality assurance has always been our main aim.

Quality assurance has always been Rulisa Hydraulic Block’s main aim. In order to give a response to the requirements of a current market where the product’s quality assurance is a priority, our company has decided to move forward and to begin an internal renovation project through the creation of an up-to-date quality assurance management.

Rulisa is the only national company which has a machine with these characteristics that are capable of eliminating any kind of internal and external burrs in different metals and components, such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel or casted metals. This enables obtaining a 100% guarantee which is impossible to get in other processes or employing other machines.

Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks’ service is based on production processes which have been developed by highly qualified personnel with more than 25 years of experience, who together with the most innovative technology, have made the development and continuous growth of a strong company possible.

All of that, together with the established synergies between the different departments, makes possible to dispatch cleaned, deburred and ready for assembling parts from our facilities. This establishes a framework for quality assurance in our firm which meets the quality standards to satisfy our customers’ requirements.


Ultrasonic cleaning certificate

An internal quality process in order to verify that the dispatched parts which are cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning are completely decontaminated. This cleaning procedure guarantees that the part is exempt from any polluting agent as well as any stain caused by the machining process which is not accepted under our internal quality procedure. We certify a cleaning level of 5 out of 5 in the scale of surface cleaning finishing.

Cleaning protocol for the quality certificate of surface finishing quality:

  • Cleaning procedure subject to ultrasonic technology.
  • Surface finishing quality control.
  • Cleaning certificate at a 5 level under a scale of 0-5.


In RULISA HYDRAULIC BLOCKS, hereinafter RULISA, we have been working in the manufacturing of hydraulic blocks for more than 25 years now. We are specialized not only in the production of block series’ manufacturing, but also in unitary batch block production. Throughout these years our manufacturing methods and controls have been adapted to the market’s requirements which have become increasingly more demanding.

Continuous improvement has always been Rulisa Hydraulic Block’s main aim. In order to guarantee an optimum quality in all its products and services our management has decided to move forward and to begin an internal renovation project through the creation of an up-to-date quality assurance management which is based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and in the following general principles:

  • Our CUSTOMERS’ internal and external satisfaction.
  • Rulisa’s EMPLOYEES’ professionalism and qualification
  • Incorporation of NEW TECHNOLOGIES
  • RESPECTING our SOCIETY in compliance with the legal and other applicable REQUIREMENTS.

According to this policy, the objectives to be developed by our firm are aimed at:

  • Adapting ourselves to our customers’ requirements. FLEXIBILITY

Managing principles and practices will be applied in order to carry out and achieve the demanding and accessible aims according to this policy.

The management board, as Rulisa’s highest representative, acquires the commitment to enforce that this policy is accomplished and communicated across all company levels as well as being available to all concerned parties.

Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks es el número 1 en fabricación de bloques hidráulicos con un único objetivo: la más alta calidad.