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Legal Notice

The information on this site is subject to a disclaimer, a copyright notice and rules related to personal data protection including terms of use.


Rulisa Vitoria S.L. declines any responsibility for any information that is outside this site and that is not directly managed by the company.

The function of the links appearing on this page is exclusively to inform users of the existence of other information sources related to the subject on the internet where the information provided on this site could be expanded. These links do not suggest, invite or recommend any user to visit the related sites. Therefore, Rulisa Vitoria S.L. will not be responsible for the results obtained through those hyper textual links.

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Copyright Notice

The reproduction of any of the contents on this site must always be authorized by Rulisa Vitoria S.L. A previous written authorization is compulsory for its reproduction or use of textual or multimedia information (sounds, images, software etc.). This authorization shall clearly state any restrictions on use.

Personal data protection

Rulisa Vitoria S.L. is committed to its users’ privacy. Therefore, Rulisa Vitoria S.L. has adopted the personal data protection levels required according to the Spanish Royal Decree 994/1999 through which the Security Measures Regulation of the automated files containing personal data is approved. Likewise, Rulisa Vitoria S.L. also tries to employ all the possible and additional technical resources available for it.

The website may make use of “cookies” when users visit its sites for the recognition of its browser, the chosen language for navigation and other elements that can be configured by the user. The user has the possibility of configuring its browser in order to be warned about receiving “cookies” and prevent the installation of thereof in her/his hard drive. Please, read your browser’s instructions and manuals in order to get further information on this.

Privacy statement

In this privacy statement Rulisa Vitoria S.L. explains its policy regarding the use of the information provided by the user:

  • The information collected, for what purpose and through which technical means is obtained: Rulisa Vitoria S. L. exclusively collects the personal data in order to obtain the necessary information with a specific purpose. The information will not be used again for any purpose incompatible with the one described above.
  • To whom your personal data is revealed: Rulisa Vitoria S.L. will only disclose information to third parties in case it is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose mentioned before and only to the recipients mentioned before.
  • How you can access your information, verify its accuracy and if necessary, correct it: As a data subject, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on legitimate compelling grounds, except when these are collected in order to comply with a legal obligation, or if they are necessary for the fulfillment of a contract to which you are a party, or which have to be used for a purpose for which you have given your unambiguous consent.
  • For how long your information is kept: Rulisa Vitoria S.L. only keeps the data during the necessary time in order to fulfill the purpose of collection or further processing.
  • Which are the security measures that are taken in order to safeguard your information against possible misuse or unauthorized access: Rulisa Vitoria S.L. has adopted the legally required personal information security levels and has installed all the measures and technical means available so as to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal information provided to Rulisa Vitoria S.L. The company will inform you about it on receiving a written request which has to be signed by the applicant and sent to the headquarters in Vitoria, located in Kapelamendi kalea 1 Pabellones 16-17-18 01013 Vitoria.
  • In case of any further questions or complaints: You can contact the webmaster sending an email identifying yourself to

Access rights, cancelation, correction and disagreement

The access rights, cancelation, correction and disagreement are recognized, as well as the right to be informed about any data transfer by contacting Rulisa Vitoria S.L. through the following email address or by presenting a written document at Rulisa Vitoria S.L. (Departamento de Atención al Cliente) Kapelamendi kalea, 1 Pabellones 16-17-18 01013 Vitoria.

Terms of use

The website is ruled by the legal policy mentioned above. Using this website implies the acceptance of these terms of use.
The website and all its material pertains to Rulisa Vitoria S.L. located in Kapelamendi kalea, 1 Pabellones 16-17-18 01013 Vitoria. It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or make an unfairly use the website or any of its parts for commercial purposes or any others which are not specifically permitted by our company.

Modifying or using the materials for any other purposes constitutes a criminal offence to Copyright and other registered trademark’s laws.
For legal reasons, Rulisa Vitoria S.L. will be able and should provide the competent authorities with any required information according to the Spanish laws in case of receiving the relevant judicial order which is only granted if the judge has well-founded suspicions. In these circumstances and in order to collaborate with the justice, Rulisa Vitoria S.L. will be able to record and then provide the police, together with the required previous pertinent judicial order , with information related to the IP address which identifies the user’s connection, as well as its exact connection time, user name and passwords among other information. In any case, the IP addresses and the connecting times will be only registered in those cases where the user is subject to be suspicious of taking illegal action.
By accepting the legal notice you are accepting on purpose receiving commercial and advertising information from Rulisa Vitoria S.L. through electronic and traditional means.

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