Quality assurance has always been our main objective

In our facilities a wide range of hydraulic blocks are produced. We produce base plates, press blocks, special blocks and blocks which are used for renewable energies.

Base plates

We produce medium base plates, locking plates, base plates with and without an output limiter, base plates with rear or side output etc.
In our catalogue we have a wide range of these types of own designed parts. The market’s high requirements have led us to becoming not only more competitive, but also faster in providing a response to our customer’s needs. Therefore, in Rulisa Hydraulic blocks we opt for having a wide stock in our facilities so as to be able to supply our customers with the best quality in a shorter time.


Experience, quality and our continuous effort to improve has made Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks a leading company in producing the best quality large size press blocks in the market.


Our flexibility makes Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks able to produce any kind of hydraulic blocks with any type of valves, cavities or solenoid valves according to our customers’ requirements.


In Rulisa Hydraulic blocks we support the environment and renewable energies. Nowadays we are the national leading company in blocks’ series batch production.
Our technology, machinery and qualified personnel guarantee more than 15 years of experience in series production. The batch traceability system and our quality controls in our blocks’ production give our customers a 100% guarantee.


Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks y Rulitrans Ingenieros have a common origin: bearing design and other transmission equipment design.
Ruedas Libres S.A is a leading company in components’ production as well as in having a specialized machining workshop. Production of bearings and transmissions and product engineering for torque limiters, bearings and clutches in general are supplied. Apart from both companies sharing their know-how, they also work together in R&D and in new product design.
More than 25 years collaborating in the design, production and commercialization of transmission elements. Since then, the same aims are shared: quality and flexibility which enables us to supply our customer with a suitable solution according to their needs.


We machine any kind of parts according to our customer’s design regardless of its size or geometry.


Nos avalan más de 25 años de experiencia

Nuestra actividad está orientada a los sectores más amplios y diversos. Esto nos perOur business is oriented to a wide range of different markets. This allows us to be always in contact with the latest technologies and trends which lead us to innovation in its different areas.

The following can be underlined among others:

  • Machine-tooling
  • Renewable energies
  • Industrial machinery
  • Aeronautics
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Maintenance
  • Research centres
  • Automotive and railway market

In case you would like to get more information, do not hesitate on contacting directly with Rulitrans through our webpage where catalogues, different applications etc. can be found.

Rulisa Hydraulic Blocks es el número 1 en fabricación de bloques hidráulicos con un único objetivo: la más alta calidad.